Q:My restaurants worker’s compensation is in a “safety group”, can I change to your safety group?

A: No you cannot. The worker’s compensation board has ruled that any restaurant cannot move from one safety group to another for 2 years. Must be out of 1 safety group for 2 years before joining another.


Q – Why am I being audited on my business insurance policy for my restaurant?

Because you probably are with an insurance company that rates your liability charge based on sales. So the more sales you do, the more you pay for business insurance.


Q- I received lawsuit papers from a slip and fall and my restaurant, what do I do?

A- Even if you think it isn’t true and didn’t happen, you must turn those papers into your insurance company/agent. If you do not, you run the risk of not getting legal representation which is included in your cost of insurance. Insurance companies do NOT want to pay out for fraudulent claims, thus will fight any that don’t hold up to their investigation.